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Decent mask

I received a few of these sheet masks after a laser treatment when I was in Seoul. The mask is very moisturizing and I had to get some more when I returned to the states.

recommended for oily skin

it is probably good for oily skin due to its tea tree oil but takes time for your skin to absorb it, at least it was in my case

No stickiness

I bought it together with the moisturizing cream, and it's not bad

Worth the price!!

This cream might seem expensive at first but the tube is pretty big. It contains about 100g of cream which is bigger than most ultra creams that are available.

This is a must-have especially during the dry winter months because it does an amazing job of keeping my skin feeling super hydrated. Whenever i apply the cream at night, my face feels extremely soft and supple in the morning

effective and affordable eye cream

Normally eye creams are really expensive for no reason, but this eye cream is very hydrating and didn't irritate my skin.

I don't have eye bags but it seems to improve my dark circles.
I will most likely stick to this stick in the future and use it around my face too

Very soothing mask

my skins feels much softer and soothing after using them for a couple of weeks. I absolutely love using them right before going to bed because my skin feels so refreshed in the morning and goes well with my make up

smaller than expected but effective

It was smaller than I thought, but it was convenient to use. I wish it was a little bit cheaper

thick moisturizing cream

This product is thick and creamy which is what I love about ultra creams. It also absorbs very quickly without making me feel greasy. The value isn't bad for a Korean moisturizer due to its size.

My sister started to use this because she has eczema and thinks this is helping her skin (i am not sure lol). I don't use it everyday but i will start to use it once the winter is here

Britney theiss
very refreshing

I've had this for a few weeks now and use it during the day and night after applying toner.
My breakouts have lessened but that may be due to using a new toner. I can test it out without the toner and leave a new review in the near future

great face mask

My skin was extremely hydrated and soft after using this. I love hydrogel masks!

great spreadibility and moist

I am in love with this moisturizer at the moment. It's a bit thicker but great especially during the winter

Purchased again

this gentle cleanser is great for my sensitive skin

Good results from Dr.Chromcell

My skin has improved dramatically after using drchromcell products, so I decided to try this gel cleanser. I tried their foam cleanser before and wanted to use a gel cleanser because it goes well with oily and sensitive skin. I double cleanse with this and has been awesome

great product

recommended for dehydrated skin

no irritation


good for pimples

AC-pixel aqua repair toner and AC-pixel rescue ampoule seem to be the most powerful products when used together. I use it mainly in the morning because it seems to be the best for preventing pimples.


this is a hydrating face cream without any greasiness. I would recommend this for anyone experiencing the cold weather because it goes well for dry skin

marine collagen serum

There is some thickness in this serum unlike other serums that just stay on my face then fall off. I like the ingredients within the product like adenosine, collagen, and hyaluronic acid.

very soothing

my face felt so refreshing and fit perfectly on my face instead of those cheap masks

Skinbarrier eye cream

I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now and I think It has slightly improved my wrinkles under eyes. I can't say that it has drastically fixed them, but I am satisfied with the product thus far.

great for dry skin

the winter is already here and my skin get extra drier during the winter. These ampoule pads are great for sensitive skin and it was the perfect size for my face


Highly recommended

not bad

not bad..good price. Comes with 2 serums in a box

cicathenol repair cream

I decided purchase this repair cream because of the ingredients and I prefer repair creams that are a bit thicker than the normal facial moisturizers

great for pores

I love this product.
I bought it to take care of pores and make sure to clean the dirt out.
It is gentle and soft, and the make up is easily removed.