The Difference Between Ampoule pads and Toner pads

The Difference Between Ampoule pads and Toner pads

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Medicinal ampoules date back to the 1800’s, but many credit K-beauty with bringing their powerful benefits to the skincare market. As we all know, K-beauty is strongly associated with glowing, hydrated, healthy skin which promotes aging gracefully—something we all aspire to!

Today we’re going to do a deep dive into the trifecta of ampoules on the market: ampoule serums, ampoule pads and ampoule masks. We’ll be specifically focusing on ampoule pads—the latest ampoule trend on the market.

What Is An Ampoule?

An ampoule is a highly concentrated active ingredient that is individually packaged into single-use doses. They’re meant to be used as a supplement to your skincare routine for a short time period—anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks—to target specific skin concerns. It’s kind of like periodically doing a green smoothie detox for a short period of time to boost your digestion and wellness.

In true K-beauty fashion, ampoules, serums, ampoule pads and ampoule masks come in a variety of formulas for you to customize to your skincare needs and concerns. Some of the most common ampoule ingredients include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol, AHAs, BHAs, magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin E, and vitamin A.

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You can find ampoules in several different forms including serums, ampoule pads and ampoule masks. The serums are typically what come to mind first when talking about ampoules. They’re packaged in single-dose vials that are typically glass.

Ampoule masks can be in the form of sheet masks, rubber masks or brush-on masks. And finally, the newest trend are ampoule pads! Keep scrolling as we take a deeper look at ampoule pads including their benefits and how to use them!

What Are Ampoule Pads?

Ampoule pads pack all of the convenience and ease of a toning pad, with the concentrated-formula technology and single-dose packaging of an ampoule. This duo goes together better than Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker!

When you order ampoule pads, you’ll receive a box with anywhere from 6-12 individual sachets. Each sachet contains one fully saturated round pad or folded towelette. You’ll use the pad or towelette just once, then throw it away.

Why Choose Individually Packaged Ampoule Pads Over Toner Pads?

You might be thinking that ampoule pads sound very similar to toner pads, and you’re right! They’re very similar, but they have two distinct differences.

Ampoule Pads vs. Toner Pads: The Packaging

The first and most obvious difference between ampoule pads and toner pads is the packaging. Ampoule pads arrive individually packaged in single-dose sachets. Toner pads are all packaged in one container. Typically, you’ll have around 30 toning pads in one plastic tub.

One benefit to the individually-packaged ampoule pads is that they’re easier to carry and travel with. If you’re going away for a long-weekend or just a week-long trip, it makes so much more sense to just pack the number of sachets you’ll need versus having to pack the entire months’ worth of toning pads!

individually packaged ampoule pad

Ampoule pads also ensure you’re applying a 100% sterile product to your face. Every time you open your toning pads, you’re introducing new bacteria and pathogens to your container, even if you’ve just washed your hands. That means every time you’re trying to apply beneficial ingredients to your skin, you’re also applying bacteria which can result in skin issues like acne and breakouts. Talk about working against yourself!

Your toning pads might also dry out over time. Once you break the seal and are opening your toning pads daily, you’re adding additional air to the container. Ampoule pad sachets are sealed and air-tight, so they won’t dry out over time.  

One final benefit of individually packaged ampoule pads is the preservation of the active ingredients. If you’re using an ampoule pad with vitamin C or retinol, those ingredients are highly susceptible to degradation when exposed to air or light. The opaque, air-tight packaging of ampoule pads help extend the shelf life and potency of your active ingredients!

Chromcell Ampoule Pad

Ampoule Pads vs Toner Pads: The Formulas

Since ampoule pads are individually packaged, they’re each soaked in an ampoule formula then sealed shut. This ensures that each ampoule pad has the exact amount of active ingredient as promised. A lot of times, toner pads are stacked in their containers, then the ingredients are poured on top to absorb. This means that each toning pad might vary in the percentage of active ingredients.

What Is The Difference Between Ampoule Pads And Ampoule Masks?

The next most similar ampoule to ampoule pads is ampoule masks, specifically sheet masks! They’re both cloth fibers saturated with an active ingredient and applied topically. However, there are some differences and benefits to ampoule masks that ampoule pads don’t provide.

Ampoule masks can target specific areas of skin concerns and deliver a higher level of active ingredients to your skin. There are different styles of ampoule masks that can target your t-zone, under eyes, smile-line, neck, chest, hands and even your booty!

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Much like the ampoule pads, the ampoule sheet masks are fully saturated with active ingredients. The main difference in delivery is the usage. Ampoule pads are worn on your face in about 5-10 minutes, whereas ampoule sheet masks can be worn for up to 30 minutes. This gives your skin 20 minutes to absorb the product without worrying about it evaporating off your skin.

And let’s talk about convenience! You can wear your sheet mask while you’re doing the dishes, watching tv, driving or even on an airplane! You don’t need to wash the product off afterwards, you just gently pat it in with clean hands.

Directions: How And When To Use Ampoule Pads

Ampoule pads should be used after your cleanser and replace your typical toner during the length of your ampoule program. They can be used AM or PM depending on the active ingredients included in the formula. For example, if you’re using a toning pad with a retinol you should only use it in the PM. Retinol can breakdown in the sun and make your skin more susceptible to sunburn.

You can apply the ampoule to specific spots of concern, for example your t-zone if you’re combatting acne and breakouts in that area. Ampoule pads can also be worn all over your face, then wipe down your neck and chest for all over brightness and anti-aging effects.

Be sure to follow the directions on the product and consult your dermatologist if you have any specific questions or concerns!