What is the best Serum For Acne & Sensitive Skin in 2022

What is the best Serum For Acne & Sensitive Skin in 2022

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Serums are one of the most talked-about skincare products. Gone are the days of a three-step skincare routine. Serums and ampoules allow you to tackle your skincare concerns with specific ingredients. It allows you to target your skin with nutrients and vitamins that are then locked into your skin with your moisturizer. There is a serum on the market for every single skincare problem, whether it is dullness or acne.

An ampoule is a turbo-charged serum that has a higher concentration of the active ingredients than a traditional serum. These ampoules are intended to be used for short periods of time to repair your skin and to give it a hydrating boost. One of the best Korean serums is the Dr.CHROMCELL AC-Pixel Rescue Ampoule, which we will look at in-depth in this article.

Why Should You Use Serums and Ampoules?

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Serums and ampoules allow you to tailor your skin care routine to meet your individual needs. No one’s skin is exactly the same, and layering serums over your other skin care products allows you to address specific concerns. 

The consistency of face serums is relatively lightweight and then can be absorbed into your skin quickly as they are thinner than other products such as moisturizers. As they have a higher ingredient concentration, serums and ampoules will give you some of the quickest results within the skincare industry. 

You can build your serums up to use them twice a day, depending on the active ingredients. The label on a serum or ampoule will always give you the recommended daily usage. Anti-aging serums in particularly are designed for your night-time skincare routine as they could repair your skin while you sleep. If you have picked up a hydrating serum, then you can use it twice a day if you have dry skin, or save it for your night-time routine if you have oily skin.

Serums are specifically designed to be layered over each other and used with other products, which is why they feel light on your skin. Within a few minutes, you should forget that the serum was never on your face. Serums are traditionally water-based, which is the main difference between serums and face oils. 

Although serums can be layered, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Try not to layer more than two of three serums at once, and limit it to one serum on top of an ampoule.

What Serums Do I Need?

When you are shopping around for a new skincare serum, you need to consider what ingredients your skin needs an extra boost of.

Dry Skin

    • If you have dry skin, then you want to look for hydrating active ingredients like hyaluronic acid that helps your skin retain its moisture, and locks in the rest of your skincare products.

Acne Prone Skin

    • If you are trying to tackle an outbreak of acne, then a retinol serum will reduce the inflammation to your skin while vitamin C will speed up the rejuvenation of your skin cells and can reduce the redness of your skin.

Dull Skin

    • Is your skin feeling dull? Pick up a serum that has both hyaluronic acid and vitamin such as vitamin B to repair your skin and give it a healthy glow.

      ampoule for skincare

How Do You Use Ampoules?

The first step is to shake your ampoules before use. Your little vial is full of active ingredients that need to be activated with a gentle shake. 

Your ampoules should be applied before any additional serums and then sealed into your skin with a moisturizer. Cleanse first, then apply ampoules and serums, before you lock it all in with a moisturizer. It is as simple as that. 

When you are applying the ampoule to your skin, keep it away from your eyes. If you happen to get any serum into your eye, wash it out quickly with cold water. 

One rule to keep in mind is that you should layer in products according to their density, which is why cleansing and water-based products go first and why heavy moisturizers are the final step.

For traditional serums, it can take seven weeks of consistent use to see the best benefits for your skin, though this is typically quicker with ampoules. As the concentration of the ingredients is higher, you will start to see results within a few days. 

Meet The Dr.CHROMCELL Brand

Dr.CHROMCELL is one of our favorite Korean skincare brands. The brand has research at its heart and strives to create ingredients-focused skincare products that give you healthy, glowing skin while reducing premature aging.

Their product range includes all the skincare essentials that you need, including their hydrogel collagen face masks and anti-aging products.

The brand is a leading k beauty skincare company that has been featured in Korean dramas and has several celebrities that have promoted Dr.CHROMCELL beauty products. You can find Dr.CHROMCELL products in over 60 dermatologist clinics across Korea, and even in one in the UK.

The AC-Pixel Rescue Ampoule by Dr.CHROMCELL

The Dr.CHROMCELL AC-Pixel Rescue Ampoule is suitable for daily use to soothe sensitive skin and to lock in hydration. It has been accredited as a non-irritate skincare product by the Korea Dermatological Research Institute, meaning it is safe to use on sensitive skin.

This Korean ampoule is ideal for using to reduce inflammation or redness on your face, and it can help balance out your pH levels. 

The Dr.CHROMCELL AC-Pixel Rescue Ampoule is a favorite of Korean TV star Seo Ji-Hye, who featured it during her appearance on the beauty show ‘Follow Me’. 

What’s Inside The Dr.CHROMCELL's AC-Pixel Rescue Ampoule?

When it comes to beauty products, nothing is more important than the ingredients. The AC-Pixel Rescue Ampoule has a marine complex to its ingredients list, which includes propolis extract to soothe your skin and aloe barbadensis leaf extract that hydrates your skin.

The nine marine extracts in this face ampoule that moisturize and protect your skin include:
  • Chlorella vulgaris
  • Laminaria japonica extract
  • Fucus vesiculosus
  • Tot extract
  • Giant kelp
  • Laminaria Clostoni
  • Ulva lactuca extract
  • Sea staghorn
  • Gelidium cartillaginum

Dr.CHROMCELL uses these marine algae extracts as they can help reduce hyperpigmentation to your skin and are key to preventing premature aging, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

As there are over 300 active ingredients in this ampoule, it would be impossible to list them all. There are three main ingredients that we want to highlight that make this ampoule a must-have Korean skincare product.

marine extracts for skincare

  • Propolis Extract helps your skin fight the bacteria in your skin that causes acne and breakouts. As well as reducing the redness from spots and acne, it can speed up your skin’s rejuvenation after damage such as sunburns and its antioxidant properties help prevent damage to your skin cells. 

  • Another hero ingredient that helps prevent acne is panthenol which is a natural antibacterial ingredient. This ingredient can penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin and help rejuvenate your skin cells while strengthening your skin’s natural protective layer.

  • The 300 active ingredients in this ampoule primarily come from the aloe barbadensis leaf extract. These active ingredients work together to soothe your skin and reduce irritation. Above all, the aloe leaf is one of the most intensely hydrating ingredients that moisturize your skin. The anti-aging properties of this extract include its ability to tighten your pores and improve your skin’s natural elasticity.

It’s also important that you check if your skincare products have been certified by a government agency as being safe for human use. The Dr.CHROMCELL AC-Pixel Rescue Ampoule is certified as being safe by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety which is in charge of evaluating all cosmetic manufacturing and for checking their quality control measures. For extra peace of mind, this product has been classified as non-irritating by the Korea Dermatology Research Institute. 

Our Experience

We found that the Dr.CHROMCELL AC-Pixel Rescue Ampoule was the perfect addition to use between the brand’s repair toner and its repair cream. The ampoule absorbs quickly into your skin and you are not left with any unwanted residue on your skin. It has a pleasant tea-tree leaf scent that isn’t too fragrant and won’t irritate your skin. It is a colorless serum, so you won’t have to worry about it tinting your skin. 

These ampoules come with about twice as much product as you would typically receive, making them great value for money. This tea tree serum is suitable for all skin types and would make an ideal addition to your routine if you are dealing with a sunburn or an acne outbreak.